Are Supplements Worth It?

Are Supplements Worth It?

Incorporating supplements into your everyday routine is an excellent way to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to perform and function optimally. But, let’s be honest. Supplements are expensive. If you want to know why supplements can be so costly, let’s dive into it.

Important: Consult with your doctor before starting any new supplement, as your healthcare provider can help you zero in on any cracks in your nutrition or vitamin deficiencies in your body.

Not all supplements are created equal
Some brands operate with integrity and provide formulas crafted with great ingredients, meticulously sourced, and tested to guarantee potency and effectiveness. Then, then are some brands that are only in the wellness space for the money.

Ready for a mini science lesson? Let’s talk PRODOSOMES.

Liposomes are tiny bubbles (vesicles) made of the same material as a cell membrane.

When encapsulating nutrients in liposomes, they can pass through the GI tract more efficiently to deliver the nutrients in the body where they are needed for maximum absorption.

VNI's Prodosomes are SUPERPOWERED Liposomes, essentially an advanced technology that allows nutrients to reach the body effectively without being broken down by the digestive system. Since the gastrointestinal (GI) tract is overly acidic, these harsh conditions can compromise the viability of traditional supplements. 

Due to costs being so high and the fact that there are risks with utilizing liposomal delivery, not many supplement brands want to go this route. To them, it’s probably a headache. 

What’s cool about VNI is that they’ll always go the extra mile for our customers. We actually use Prodosome delivery technology to ensure your body gets the maximum nutrient absorption, and they do it right, even if it's more challenging to manufacture or is more costly. 

Some compounds are absorbed more efficiently when they are delivered through liposomal methods. Because certain nutrients have a poor absorption rate through traditional supplements, Prodosome delivery is much more effective. 

Advantages of Prodosomes:

  • High bioavailability and absorption compared to traditional pill forms.
  • Noninvasive. This method avoids pain and discomfort associated with injections and decreases the contamination risk.
  • Liposomes protect against the harsh environment of the GI tract and increase absorption.
  • Ideal for those when swallowing a tablet is not possible.
  • Allow for adjustable and incremental dosing for children and adults.
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