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Brain Reward

Brain Reward

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Nutrigenomic Brain Food Complex
(30 serving bottle)*

Restore your feel-good. Sharpen your focus. Vitalize your body’s command center. Enjoy your life again.

Optimal brain health, mental sharpness, and focus, resulting in a sense of well-being.

Experience your brain on VNI.
Brain Reward® nutritionally supports a sharper mind and the ability to experience reward benefits from normal activities, especially in people with Reward Deficiency Syndrome who have greater difficulty achieving satisfaction from normally rewarding thoughts, experiences, and foods and beverages. Go from zero to hero. Crush the most trivial of pursuits. Stay on task. Enjoy the simple pleasures. Nail your 4pm presentation. Track with your toddler’s story.

Among its other benefits, the patented nutritional formula in Brain Reward® has been shown to:

  • Support focus, concentration, cognition and mental sharpness
  • Help regulate cravings and improve recovery, energy, and detox
  • Support dopamine sensitivity and function*
* Packaging shown is a preview of the upcoming packaging refresh. Real packaging will vary. Because really, it's what's on the inside that counts. And we’re so much more than just a pretty package.

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